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There are the common answers like IOPs, throughput, bandwidth, latency, etc. What I do is look for end-users that are happy with the product through blogs, forums, articles, etc. it's too easy to get lured in with marketing hype but real world experience from somebody that…

About me

Systems Administrator. I have worked for Environmental Data Resources as a strategic Systems Administrator for over ten years. This position was comprised of three roles: Storage Administrator, VMWare Administrator and Windows Server Administrator. My specialties are high performance storage and virtualization technologies.I am trained in various storage technologies, VMWare ESXi troubleshooting, and CompTIA security principles. I have worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years for companies such as Logix Microcomputer, Southern New England Telecom, Southwest Bell Corporation, and Environmental Data Resources.

Specialties: iSCSI & Fiber Channel storage platforms, High Performance Storage and Virtual Infrastructure, High Availability systems, Windows Server, Disaster Recovery, Data Center Operations.

I am a very dedicated and loyal individual with strong work ethics that lives and breathes storage and virtualization technologies. I have had the honor and privilege to work for two great companies over the past twenty years where I learned many things and gained invaluable experience. I was able to apply this knowledge and experience to help both of these companies develop their infrastructures to meet all internal user and external customer demands. At my latest tenure at EDR, I was the only storage administrator and the primary VMWare administrator for over ten years. This is a position I took very seriously and performed with great pride and satisfaction.

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