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There are relatively few systems that need the high performance of all-flash, especially as the capacities of all-flash go up from dozens of terabytes to several petabytes. Server and Storage virtualization can give similar performance at a fraction of the cost. Make sureā€¦
Almost 6 years ago
it must be adaptable to different platforms. with emphasis on IOPS capacity and throughput, while being easy for an admn, and not break the IT budget..

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I specialize in vendor neutral pragmatic solutions without the OEM push to make you purchase theirs only. We use 18+ years of IT project experience to give CIO's a REAL way to do more , with less , and enable a reach into the 3rd platform. We give corporate IT CIO's the ability to complete more projects with the current problem of over-subscription in budget, resources and staff skills. Contact me for more information. rkarbowski@elarasys.com or 847 462 6857 .

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New enterprise hardware, refurbished hardware, virtualization, IBM, Lenovo, Net App, Business Analytic s, cloud services.

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