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How the functionaility of tool meeting Current Requirement, Future Possibilities.

About me

I am passionate about BI, Data Warehousing, Data mining and Business analytics. I have gained significant knowledge through years of hands- on experience delivering successful implementation of data warehouse, BI and Business Analytics.

I have experience, expertise and knowledge to offer with good attributes
• 23 years of experience in IT industry
• 7 years of experience in Systems and Application Development
• 16 years of experience in Data Warehouse, BI and Business Analytics
• Good exposure and understanding of aspects of SDLC
• Good exposure and understanding of aspects of Data Management
• Good Business Analysis skills
• Good Technical and Analytical skills
• Quick Learner and loves challenge
• Ability to work Independently and in Team
• Good Team Player
• Good Verbal and Written communication
• Good Customer facing skills and
• A “Can Do” attitude

I have helped several business with my skills both in Consulting and Corporate environment and have good understanding of working knowledge in the following industries
• Insurance
• Banking
• Airlines
• Telecommunication
• Logistics
• Electricity/Power