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I think it entirely depends on the use case. If you're looking to dig a hole, you want to evaluate shovels, not all yard tools. If my project is focused on delivering high-scale, real-time analytics, then metrics around latency, replication times, and performance areā€¦

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I am a highly technical product guy with a particular fondness for massive data sets. New technologies and ideas ripe with potential are the core of my passion and what engages me. You'll often find me evangelizing and educating on the latest project of mine or a colleague in the hopes of inspiring others to action.

I place the highest value on innovation over evolution, strong leadership, and my desire to improve and evolve humanity through technology. I'm always up for a chat on market and technology trends or my background in web technologies and distributed computing.

Specialties: data visualization, distributed computing, product/application design, product management, usability, team management, leadership vs. management, public speaking, startups, web technologies, architectures