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Over 6 years ago
I'm a lucky DXL developer that has been able to in the exact role described by point #3 on other advice. DOORS is so powerful but only with the right amount of training & onsite support.
Almost 7 years ago
Great point - "With a qualified DOORS Deployment Professional, the initial setup is relatively straightforward." I have seen many projects who skip over the above critical step only to leave themselves with years of frustration.
Almost 7 years ago
It looks like this review is relative to the IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation, formerly named Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) web based product versus the IBM Rational DOORS 'classic' product which has been around for 30 years and is currently up to version 9.6.1.


Over 6 years ago
Awarded the title of IBM Rational Champion 2011
Awarded the title of IBM Rational Champion (only 10 selections worldwide)

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Alex Ivanov, Principle Systems Engineer at Raytheon, is a passionate thought leader on how to optimize system engineering execution by providing a consistent architecture and process to anyone developing requirements, managing changes to them, verifying the system, and much more. With 10+ years’ experience in managing a large scale distributed requirements database in the aerospace and defense industry, Alex is passionate about bringing the best process/tool combination to system engineering teams across the Raytheon enterprise.

Alex is an expert in developing reusable DXL to support everything from requirements development, metrics, to tracing requirements to test steps in DOORS. He excels at working with existing programs to re-architect their DOORS implementation, making use of system engineering best practices and automation to streamline program execution across the product development lifecycle..

Over the past 5 years, Alex has achieved the following:

◈ Recognized as a 5 time IBM Rational Champion.

◈ Developed the most visited (25,000+ visits) Wiki at Raytheon: Getting the most out of DOORS.

◈ Generated 100+ on-demand training videos to better educate user and administrators alike on how to make the most of DOORS.

◈ Hosted 100+ training sessions to demonstrate process best practices to every user role imaginable (requirements engineer, test engineer, configuration management, quality, administrators...)

Alex believes everyone can benefit from using IBM Rational DOORS in a consistent and proven manner and is out to mentor and educate the masses at Raytheon... one program at a time.

Specialties: Leadership, Communication, Process Improvement, Testing, Mentoring, Tools, Systems Engineering, Training, Rational DOORS, User Support, DOORS Database Management, Expert DXL scripter, Metrics

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