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If one if looking at at PAAS for a new Dev platform one of the best ways forward may be Openstack, with all the new borne in the cloud, Cloud native applicaitons.

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Proven Sales Executive to help both Service Providers and Enterprise marketplace for the Telco, Cable and MSP verticals. Experience with the Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud & Private Cloud along with Managed Services in IAAS, PAAS, DAAS, Mobile, Analytics, Big Data, Storage and SaaS. Experience with Messaging and Collaboration, Unified Communications, Cloud Automation and Cloud Go-To-Market.

Specialties: Enable cloud services through IAAS- Helion, Openstack.
Web hosting, Web Applications. Messaging and Collaboration(Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, OCS, Lync, Managed PBX)
Hosted infrastructure, PCS(Parallels Cloud Server), Storage VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, Baremetal)
SaaS- Experience launching over 500 types of commercial and open-source applications.
Converged infrastructure, automation software.