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About 5 years ago
Not necessarily anything that other products would lack, it would actually be more of a "nice to have". It's definitely not a deal breaker by any means. I take the idea from the concept that AWS has with AMIs, for instance, or places where there are public repositories of…
About 5 years ago
Hi Orlee! IAM has made a some improvements, which are welcome, and they even introduced cross account access via IAM roles, that has not proved too useful for my purposes, but it may for yours. As it relates to the IAM repository, nothing has changed, but with that said,…
Almost 6 years ago
Almost 6 years ago
Almost 7 years ago
Hi Mat, I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to. In my reference to IAM, I was simply pointing out that the rules and policies that currently exist out of the box aren't necessarily cut out for most use cases. I was actually even suggesting an IAM policy…

About me

Extensive experience in an enterprise Microsoft Active Directory Environment (2003/2008/2012/2012R2)



- Led the implementation of a full VMware infrastructure a large environment (300+ server), including an implementation of VMware including 500+ VMs, using Dell PowerEdge servers, Equallogic, and Compellent enterprise storage.

- Successfully performed a full upgrade from VMware 4.0 to 5.1 with no downtime to the production environment.

Active Directory Integration:

- Single-handedly created an integrated environment between a Student Information System (Aeries), and Active Directory, providing a fully automated and scripted environment for user provisioning and maintenance, using a self-created, MSSQL based database as a middleware.

Active Directory Compliance:

- Successfully completed a project to reduce the number of redundant child/external domains in Active Directory down to three (3) only, all the while optimizing DNS/WINS services, as well as site replication.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC):

- Transformed a flat Active Directory infrastructure, into a fully RBAC compliant database, making ACL and other resource access reporting very easily possible.


- Implemented DFS across multiple branches, increasing redundancy, and making server migration/decommissioning completely transparent to the end users.

AWS Cloud Infrastructures:

- Designed and implemented full infrastructures in Amazon Web Services, delivering highly available applications using EC2, S3, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, RDS, ELB, and other Amazon services.

XenApp and RDS:

- Designed and deployed XenApp and RDS environments while automating provisioning for ease of scalability. This was done to provide web based turn key solutions.