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As Tony Tolbert says there are several differences. I believe that the individual environment that the solution is deployed in has a significant bearing. Each environment will have different driving forces which will steer the decision. My preference, in the environments…

About me

I am a Solutions Architect who is willing and able to listen first then ask the difficult question. Thinking outside the norm is my normal. The solution will present itself once you have asked the required question. Nothing is learnt except from the question. I have developed applications and managed large IT Projects in a wide variety of sectors, manufacturing, retail health and software development. This exposure has been on IBM and Microsoft platforms.

I have gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of business issues and nuances related to IT implementations and the business process change leading to a clarity of requirements being elicited. All requirements need to be extracted, yes even those difficult Non-functional requirements.

Leading teams of co-operating and contributing Analyst Programmers and senior users is always a pleasure, big or small. Inspiring members to contribute to their full potential, the obvious key to team success. Teams working correctly make all problems small and business rules easier to follow.

Any replacement project or change journey is challenging so suggestions are always welcomed if they are motivated by facts. Enterprise architecture successfully linked to business vision will always produce a working Solutions architecture from a robust requirements elicitation resulting in a solution that exceeds expectation.

If you compare yourself to others at best you can be average. There is only 1 standard, the correct one, the one you live by, here is mine.
"The thinking that created the problem will not find the solution. You need to change that thinking to find the solution. The clarity of your principles will give you the courage to implement the solution." (my version of Albert Einstein's quote)