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Over 5 years ago
As per your query you want to develop CRM solution which can be scalable and efficient. You also need CI(Continuous Integration) of development and hosting server. In this scenario you can develop solution using NodeJs and MongoDb. Advantages 1) NodeJs server can…
Almost 6 years ago
You have taken right decision, today's world is for scale if you want to grow you need scalable infrastructure and if you do this on premise it is very costly affair to manage this kind of infrastructure.
Over 6 years ago
Dear Sir, You can use Crystal Reports for Java. It have reach UI and more options as Drill Down, Hyperlink etc. Thanks
Almost 7 years ago
Can you give us more details of the business for which you need BPM because each and every business has a different process flow.


Over 6 years ago
Business Intelligence (BI) Tools


Almost 6 years ago
Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)

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