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RIVERBED SteelcentralL AppResponse Xpert is the core of our Remote EUE Performance monitoring service: LION Performa ( A new way to propose APM & NPM solutions
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Dennis, as said by Others, there're a lot of solutions available that can give you a lot of useful information. To chose the right one you should only say what's your scope. G

About me

I am a seasoned digital executive, leader and strategic. I am expert in operational management, business development and innovative services design. I have enjoyed a reputation as an efficient, innovative and loyal pro and have a knack for immediately establishing a good relationship with colleagues and clients.
As a BDE at Lantech Solutions, in few years I have created a multi-million dollar Cloud & Managed Service based on a H24 multi-language collaborative Operation Center with customer around the world. My passion is to identify and translate market opportunities and trade needs, both know and hidden, into new ideas, to become soon real services.
I’ve worn many hats in my career, engineer, supervisor, salesman, manager, strategist, evangelist. As a result I have the ability to navigate complex challenges. But actual experience has taught me that my professional values can be summarize as follow:

• Expertise, efficiency and reliability
• Competence, maturity and ability to look at challenges as opportunities
• Passion and enthusiasm in everything I do: these, with dreams are the main aspect of my character I still thinking that these are key for achieving success and I found that these also are really important to motivate team members.
• Deep knowledge of Managed and Cloud Services, Network, Security and End-User-Experience services
• Innovative vision of the Managed Services
• Ability to develop and lead a team. I love to be part of a great team and my career and personal life are both full of great examples.
• Tech experience with sport “mentality”.

Reach out if you want to talk about innovations, new idea, business, dreams and football.

Specialties: Innovation, Managing people, Customer Service, Project Management, liaison between IT and business, Security, APM and in general everything that focus on the End-User