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About 2 years ago
"For SIP it is best to use SIP proxy technologies (for example Cisco CUBE). It is much more secure and has an advantage in that the external traffic stops in the Gateway which in turn will make another connection to the inside. Thus, any DoS attack will only affect the…
Over 2 years ago
If we refer to the functions of an Internet Gateway: * Firewall is that facility of protection, security and access control based on "access control lists" (ACLs) which can be of the "stateful" type (with the preservation of status information and the imposition of…
Over 2 years ago
I recommend using Cisco FPR 1010 (
Over 4 years ago
If your users are located in inside of your company network, I recommend using an "on-premise" solution (like Fortinet). If most of your users are mobile workers it is recommended to use cloud solution (like Zscaler). In my company, we use a cloud solution for mobile…
Almost 5 years ago
Hi, From my point of view any NGFW solution mentioned by the customer (with NGIPS and AMP features activated) will protect the customer's network. My advice is to implement (additional): - a host based protection solution against this kind of attacks; -…