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About me

Multilingual Fraud Chargeback Analyst, working as the frontline for Pinterest in combating CNP ( and PayPal, invoice, etc) fraud using all available tools such as Sift, running advanced SQL queries, etc.

My 15+ years of experience encompasses technology, online and social media companies, with an expertise in fraud, chargebacks, and risk analysis, fraud detection and prevention, CNP Fraud, and E-commerce.

I thrive on challenges and ambitious goals. At Pinterest, I look forward to developing an even deeper understanding how fraud affects Pinterest as a whole while identifying areas of improvement in our processes:

Measure how well our fraud detection systems are working and advise potential improvements.

Review current chargeback systems and create a plan to bring chargebacks in house.

Report any trends or anomalies, and suggest ideas that can further catch fraud and reduce chargebacks.

In past roles managing the chargeback process, I brought the company chargeback-rate to the lowest in the industry and the chargeback-winning rate to the highest in the industry during dramatic worldwide company growth and expansion. Hired and directed two team associates while in charge of maintaining chargebacks and fraud numbers at optimal levels.

As a Fraud Analyst, I excel in all aspects of front-end pattern detection activity, low false positive transaction acceptance and declines, to the back end analysis of data, payment processor portals, running queries and rules creation.

With excellent organizational skills, prioritization abilities, and a 100% reliable work ethic, I pride myself on making a difference. Among this is treating others with respect, dignity, and the commitment to a positive culture.

My leadership style is calm, professional, and dedicated, and I strive to deliver superior customer and team experiences and build exceptional group relationships, as we work together and recognize each other’s talents and successes.