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About 2 years ago
I support about 100 employees with a WatchGuard Firebox. There easy to configure and support is great if you do need help. They make many models to fit you business.
Over 2 years ago
I like Watchguard Fireboxes for my firewall. We started out with less than 50 users and have grown to 80 and Firewall is easy to manage. The one negative it is expensive to keep the subscriptions updated. Worth it to us, as we've been viruses and malware-free for years.
Over 2 years ago
I recently went from an M200 to M270 through their trade-up program. It cost a few dollars more than the subscription alone. I’m going to stay with WatchGuard, I've been a customer for the last 20 years.


Over 2 years ago
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