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About 2 years ago
Also in a converged infrastructure software is important. Converged for me is a combination of hardware components that are sold as a single solution and where a software layer is added to make the management easier. But the hardware solution consists mostly from individual…
About 2 years ago
All depends of how you understand and use HCI: If you see HCI as an integrated solution where storage is integrated into servers, and software-defined storage is used to create a shared pool of storage across compute nodes, performance will be the game changer of choosing…
Almost 3 years ago
For me an HCI solution should provide me: - ease of management, 1 console does all, no experts needed, cloud Experience but with on-premise guarantees - invisible IT, don't care about the underlying hardware, 1 stack - built-in intelligence based on AI for monitoring and…
Over 4 years ago
I read above that Simplivity is an evolution and Nutanix the revolution. Well for me it is the opposite. Creating a new software shell to make live easier of admins is very good and thoughtfull but is not a revolution. Developing another hypervisor based on KVM is not…
Over 5 years ago
Over 5 years ago