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4 months ago
SAP PI and SAP PO are used in everyday use differently from the meaning they actually represent. The difference is simple. It would not be right to call any of its different meanings wrong. SAP PI (process integration) is actually part of the SAP PO (process orchestration)…
4 months ago
Recently, we often see per-core licensing offers. Throughout 2020-2021, this price is around 80k €/$ per core. The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed and the price may vary in the EMEA region. When you get a PO license, you have PI, BPM, BRM, etc. All of…
4 months ago
The API (Application Programming Interface) can be provided by most middleware. It can be SOAP but generally, REST services.  These two words are quite different in meaning. API refers to callable services, while middleware refers to the product that does the integration…

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I am a Co-Founder and Managing Partner in my company, but also i am SAP XI/PI/PO/CPI/BPM and Integration (from 7.0 ABAP+JAVA Dual Stack to 7.50 JAVA Single Stack) consultant.

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