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About 3 years ago
Contributed a review of Ekahau Site Survey: Easily troubleshoots problems stemming from interference
About 4 years ago
I have been using Ekahau for about 3 years now. Prior to that was AM. I am glad I made the switch. Ekahau works. I have done a large number of surveys in hospitals, estates, offices, warehouses, and open air outdoor venues. The comments made by others on this board that…
Over 4 years ago
While it does consume a lot of system resources, it is doing a lot. I might suggest a dedicated system for conducting surveys. I have a laptop built just for this. Nothing else runs on it other than WiFi related testing software. This keeps Windows from cluttering things up…
Almost 5 years ago
I like using the spectrum analyzer especially in crowded WiFi areas. I have used it to locate rogue access points as well as other sources of interference. It is simple to use.
Almost 5 years ago
While it is very easy to import a DWG file, be careful with how the file has been designed. You can assign wall types on import but if the CAD designer failed to separate the types of walls, you won't be able to set them up right. I have also found some designers use a…
About 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Ubiquiti UniFi: The solution is easy to configure, low cost, and reliable.
About 5 years ago
Glad you had such great response on the AP model. I have been asking for almost a year for some from Ubiquiti and they have not been added to the program yet. Getting desperate!
About 5 years ago
I use ESS for outdoor surveys all the time with GPS. While a tablet / phone would be easier, it is very workable. I use a lightweight Lenovo laptop that has good battery life. I typically use a cart for smooth areas, or a carry vest for areas where I need to walk. For spare…
About 5 years ago


About 5 years ago
Designed and deployed a WiFi solution for an estate
Designed and deployed a WiFi solution for an estate and included a point-to-point solution to project WiFi to remote locations to support Facebook Live filming in those areas.

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I help businesses select and implement technology solutions that result in business growth, lower costs, improved customer satisfaction, or improved productivity.

If you are looking for great tech jobs, I recruit for a few of my clients (York, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Houston, NYC, Chicago, Dallas areas). Developers, Network Engineers, Consultants, etc. Drop me a line with your resume if you are searching.

We are looking to build partnering relationships with technology consulting firms that want to add WiFi survey/planning to their list of services. We also would partner on project management, GIS, and recruiting work.

I can be contacted via email at or by cell at 717-817-2503.

Available for short or long term consulting roles:
• WiFi surveys, system designs, and installations
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• Project management for IT or wireless industry, specializing in stuck projects
• GIS project work with XMap, Google Earth
• Business process consulting
• Recruiting for tech sector jobs

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• Available to assist with developing corporate emergency response plans

Other Areas of Expertise:
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• Cell tower related projects, microwave installs
• Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
• GIS work with XMap or Google Earth
• QuickBooks

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