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Fortinet FGs: Great devices, relatively easy to deploy and maintain. Cheaper than most devices of their kind. If you're looking for a lot of features at a relatively low price point this is the way to go. However, beware of Fortinet's promises performance-wise, if you take…
Almost 4 years ago
Contributed a review of Cisco Catalyst Switches: The 802.1X port security works well and helps keep the network secure
Over 4 years ago
If all you are looking for is Web Security Gateway, I would not consider a UTM like FortiGate. I would go for something more specialized like BlueCoat (WSS or on premise), Zscaler, Cisco WSA and the like. Cloud options are good if you don't want to route all traffic to a…
Almost 5 years ago
As others have pointed out, you will not be able to Stack the switches from two different vendors. Another option would be to connect them via ethernet, however, you will not get the same throughput this way. You can also use link aggregation to bundle several ports and…
Over 5 years ago
Answered a question: Cisco Firepower vs. FortiGate
The short answer is it depends on what you are looking for. FortiGates are great devices. The offer lots of features, decent and friendly UI and overall good performance, and they do it cheaper than most others. Security features and UTM are pretty good too. However, from…
Over 5 years ago
I agree you could look into Fortinet solutions. They're cost effective and offer a lot of other features you might want look at (UTM, WLAN Controllers, etc.). They're also fairly simple to configure and operate and can be centrally managed via FortiManager if it makes sense…
Over 5 years ago
I refer to the problems caused by failures of the platform itself. In my experience, Other firewalls, specifically UTMs like FortiGate and SonicWall, are more susceptible failures due to platform bugs and errors that affect services. Since we implemented our ASA cluster,…
Over 5 years ago