IT Central Station is now PeerSpot: Here's why

IT Specialist and IT Central Station Team to Provide Objective Online Content for IT Pros

Fairfax, VA and New York, NY, July 1, 2013 – Acadian Media, publisher of the social media mash-up site IT Specialist and IT Central Station, the "Yelp for Enterprise Tech," have joined forces to help provide IT professionals with the tools they need to make effective decisions in the selection, acquisition and maintenance of their systems.

Specifically, IT and its parent network, the IT Specialist Network, will be hosting and promoting IT Central Station’s highly moderated reviews and PeerPanel™ roundtables, respectively. Conversely, IT Specialist will benefit from adding IT Central Station’s rich source of relevant, timely and informative product reviews to its existing mash-up of best-of-breed social media channels or networks.

Moreover, IT Professionals will now be able to easily read and create their own reviews and posts on IT Central Station, all through the emerging and fast growing IT Specialist Network. In fact, the IT Specialist Network now provides IT vendors, and IT pros alike, over thirty one online channels in which to disseminate information regarding their expertise in information technology.

IT Specialist and IT Central Station recently teamed up for the first PeerPanel on the topic of Big Data and Business Intelligence. The event included lively discussion among a panel of real users who discussed tips, tricks and advice to their peers when selecting vendors in that market. The recording of the event can be found at Upcoming PeerPanel events will cover topics such as Cloud, Virtualization, DevOps, Networking, and Big Data. IT Professionals that would like to speak at one of these events should send email to

IT’s founder and principal architect, Will Jeansonne, stated “It’s no longer sufficient to simply build a Web site or throw out a shingle and hope for the best with a “build it and they will come” attitude. You need to actively promote your website through all available web channels and most importantly, social media. As an IT pro or vendor, you need to be an active participant in the discussion going on in social media in order to stay relevant and in touch with your base—and listen to your customers.”

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IT Central Station is revolutionizing the enterprise technology buying process through the power of crowdsourced knowledge, online product reviews and social networking. Enterprise technology professionals use IT Central Station to access and share unbiased product information and tap into a community of other real users in order to make the best buying decision in the $3 trillion market worldwide for enterprise IT products and services.

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Founded in 2008, Acadian Media, Inc. is a content and social media publishing company based in Fairfax, Virginia. The company works closely with social media based communities that it develops and fosters to provide valuable, timely and relevant information to its members who are primarily IT professionals. Technical content in the form of digital media is developed both in-house and externally by the firm's clients and partners and is syndicated via the company's emerging IT Specialist Network.

Date released:
Monday July 01, 2013