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It depends on what kind of HR analytics you consider. What are the data sources, and HR systems? How many users will deal with it? What is your business goal? You can start with open source and then evaluate commercial platforms. Tableau is a very complex solution for heavy…
About 2 years ago
@Evgeny Belenky, @Delmar Assis, ​ Yes, does it cover all data sources?
About 2 years ago
@Leandro Sodré With Amundsen even with connectors to SAP BO and Tableau?
About 2 years ago
Dear Community, Many thanks for yor support and help!
About 2 years ago
We use PDI for complicated data transformations.  We also use our tool ( ) which is integrated with PDI to speed up complex parametrization of ETL jobs. 
Over 2 years ago
We use it for ETL processes with clients. We integrate it with due to lack of data dictionaries management in Pentaho.