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Over 1 year ago
Answered a question: What is data lake storage?
Albeit, practitioners still use any datalake for storage of raw data across enterprise, still it's complicated and nonneutral. Any storage mechanisms for that matter be it a cloud datalake is inefficient as compared to in memory computing power like gridgain ignite…
Over 1 year ago
Answered a question: What is data lake storage?
Instead of now putting data in DB or data dimension warehouse, best way is to put data in in-memory computing grid-like ignite for in-memory fast computing power. Data Lake still is complex.
About 3 years ago
ALSO some of the practitioners are talking about Digital TX using just API led monitization. IS BPM Analytics Led solution DEAD?. Can true Digital Tx end-end happen without BPM in between. How does a CEO or CTO get end-end process view? Can automation be it digital can be…
About 3 years ago
Now what are we consuming. Heavy CDN based are consumed by AVRO-GRPC or MessageBuff+JSON Binary. Does APIGEE support such things..NO its not its capabilitymapping. So this has to be part of Universal DATA GRID or IMDG like IGNITE OR GRIDGRAIN. Today one of a director of well…
About 3 years ago
Instead of now going and working with old ways of Cloud based and Onprem API Gatways, There is a need to focus on ServiceMesh based API like ISTIO-Calico. Which are more lightweight ,operationally light,flexible,and has different management and Traffic planes so that both…

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• Enterprise applications on J2EE/Java API and Frameworks like Spring-Boot Spring-MVC, ,WebFW JSF2, Angular3,JHipster Yeomen, Docker,Reactive based FW like React RxJava,Akka etc.

• Involved in project in various capacities as Senior Consultant, Project Lead/Tech-Mgr, Team-Lead, Project-Mgmt, WBS structure/Project Charter, SDLC methodologies like RUP.

Cloud paas baas oracle cloud OCS, jcs, platform9 with rancher, Know how of AWS. Oracle cloud oracle WebLogic as paas , cloudfoundry,pivotal.
Digital experience using integrated couchbase for massive scale flexibility NoSQL bigdata

• BPM Solutions implementation using tools like Oracle BPM,Activity etc. Messaging using AMQP compliant providers,ESB like Mule,Fusion,WLI etc.

Business Domain :SI,BFSI, Engineering manufacturing etc.

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