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Over 1 year ago
Multiple aspects!!! To name a few and top most to look at.!! 1. How the solution works? Agent based or works at the vnic level!!! 2. Support for containers!!!! 3. Visibility across multiple environments, on-premises/cloud in case of Hybird environments.
Over 1 year ago
There are some very major differences between both the Products and to name a few. -Cisco ACI have physical network gear (9K Switches) where the Code runs in ACI Policy Mode & the UCS server where APIC software runs. -VMware NSX doesn't have any physical network gear of…
Over 1 year ago
Over 1 year ago
VMware NSX have many components, manager/controller can be deployed outside Vmware eco system i.e. may be on KVM but VM form factor edges cannot be deployed on KVM. In that case one can go for Bare Metal Edges. 

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