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Over 4 years ago
The recent version of pentaho supports various integration such as Big data tools, SAP etc., for efficiently create/schedule/run the transformation/job in standalone/cluster environment.
Over 8 years ago
The advantage of SpagoBI is Open source, but there is no way to customize the visualization of data other than SpagoBI provided internal representation, For example, if I want to cusotmize/use different technology/tool for data visualization (displaying chart using…


Over 8 years ago
Application Integration Project
Design and deliver the enterprise BI platforms
Over 8 years ago
Application Integration Project
Sepcialized in Business, Data & Integration Layer

About me

Presently working as Solution Architect role with the following responsibilities in leading R&D organization, MIMOS.
- Develop information architecture.
- Manage current and future needs in data design and content. Resolve semantic discrepancies in data definitions that arise among multiple sources and projects.
- Gain consensus among users on common business data definitions
- Assess current technical architecture.
- Estimate system capacity to meet near- and long-term processing requirements.
- Define BI strategy/processes for:
Technical architecture
Definition of technical architecture for BI environment
Hardware requirements
DBMS requirements
Middleware requirements
Network requirements
Server configurations
Client configurations

- Estimate costs for technical components.
- Develop ETL technical architecture.
- Evaluate and select ETL tool.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments