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Contributed a review of Datto Remote Monitoring and Management: Outdated CRM functionality and has issues with bugs, but it's relatively easy to use
About 2 years ago
Business Application Monitoring usually involves measurement and monitoring of up time of key systems, whether that be ERP, CRM, HR, etc. System uptime, downtime and performance response time are some of metrics usually associated with BAM. BI analytics are much more…
Over 2 years ago
You can make all modern BI tools work within Oracle. We have several hundred Oracle customers that use Qlik and Power BI. Your success is dependent upon your data quality and access for the BI Platforms you select. Also, if you are a JDE or EBS based shop, we have a number…


Almost 3 years ago
Currently managing multiple QLik deployments
Currently managing multiple QLik deployments



Over 2 years ago
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