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About 1 year ago
Same as I am telling my clients, When you are using AWS cloud you should think of the 5 pillars which are called AWS Well-Architected framework, these are :- 1- security 2- performance 3- cost 4- Reliability 5- operational excellence Each one of them it's a very…
About 3 years ago
Contributed a review of Oracle Database as a Service: Easy to manage and good performance
About 3 years ago
I know a couple of clients they start using BI open-source solutions, I can share with you the top replacement I had seen, BIRT, ClicData and JasperReports Server.
About 3 years ago
AWS is a cloud based solution, to decide the alternative you need to know the difference between the cloud, on-premise, and virtualization. The alternative for AWS either it will be one of the cloud vendors such as Azure, Google or even Oracle unless you want to migrate from…
About 3 years ago
Almost 4 years ago
Almost 4 years ago
I think he most important factors is Functionality, Security , cost, Support, Maintenance, Reliability,Performance, Scaleability and Useability


Over 3 years ago
architect, implement and configure project to launch full
architect, implement and configure project to launch full cloud automation solutions

About me

Including to database experience ( Oracle, Microsoft and Mongo ), Osama Mustafa is know working and provide solution for the different cloud technology such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle.

Osama mustafa having experience in developing & using Cloud platform (PaaS/ IaaS/ SaaS), responsible for the management and migration of traditional infrastructure to a cloud-based automated infrastructure, Architect, design, deploy, maintain and lead the implementation of Cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle , Osama Implement security measures in all technical activities to limit unauthorized access/use, Backup cloud and on premise resources, including in a hybrid environment

Osama having experince with DevOps and presented about different tools for DevOps such as Docker, certified Different Cloud vendor including Vmware.

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