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11 months ago
Cost efficiency with Oracle starts with knowing your needs. Rightsizing the machines is the very first step, and knowing your user and work profile is next. Do the apps really need Enterprise Edition, or is Standard Edition, maybe plus a 3rd party product, sufficient? If EE…
About 2 years ago
Yes, you can. The tech product will stay the same, what you need is to become an ISV (Independent Software vendor) Partner in the Oracle Partner Program, and negotiate an ESL (Embedded Software Licensing) contract. The contract (and, in fact, the negotiations) will show you…
About 2 years ago
I have no experience with FileMaker, so I can't answer any FileMaker specific questions. But I am into the database business for a long time, so maybe I can help out at this point. If you are asking for long term solutions and looking at the technology side, one of the…
Over 3 years ago
Contributed a review of Oracle Database In-Memory: It helps to build successful mixed-workload environments
Over 4 years ago
Contributed a review of Oracle SQL Developer: Helps me streamline and unify my approach for different customers



About 2 years ago
Embedded Database Software
About 2 years ago
Relational Databases

About me

Being in IT business as a specialist for Linux, Martin Klier has been involved in the administration of Oracle Databases for about fifteen years now. The integration of large Oracle-based high-availability solutions (MAA) with RAC and Data Guard were the first challenges. In the last years, he largely moved into performance analysis and tuning of complex systems with dynamically changing load profiles.
Skeptical needs assessments, thorough architecture planning, decent system sizing, critical benchmarking and experienced load-focused system analysis are Martin’s formula to success in avoiding production downtime.
For years now, Martin can be found speaking on topics regarding “Oracle Core, Performance and High Availability” on various national and international conferences, like COLLABROATE (IOUG), Oracle Open World or DOAG Konferenz.
Martin frequently blogs about recent issues and their solutions at and is known on Twitter as @MartinKlierDBA.
Martin works a lot for the community, especially for the German Oracle Users Group “DOAG” and Linux User Group Mitterteich, and is an Oracle ACE Director (Database).