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About 2 months ago
About 1 year ago
I hope they find a good NGFW partner so they can provide full NGFW at the Edge of customer site.
Over 1 year ago
We are working with Silver Peak, Fortinet (FortiGate and FortiAnalayzer) and also tried few other vendors.We think and knows, that’s Silver-Peak is the only End to End SD-WAN solution along with VMWare in the market. FortiGate is a FW with SD-WAN features.
Over 1 year ago
Well with the SD-WAN raising it is common to see cloud firewall implementations, like ZScaler. but as data center firewall, I don’t see any new player comes out unless it will come with a new surprising feature as the market have so many good vendors.
Over 1 year ago
SD-WAN comes with firewall inside the device, the issue with that Firewalls is lack of features like SSL-VPN. It is recommended to recheck management access because this device is connected directly through Internet, and make sure it is always up to date. Remember this…
Over 1 year ago
Firewall is for security while NAT is to handle network translations All firewalls vendors do NAT, if you are an ISP/MSP/MNO it is recommend to have a device for NAT.