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9 months ago
Checkout this side-to-side review .... Citrix ShareFile vs. Egnyte | G2
9 months ago
Go with the desktop installation option.  Office 365 apps can be installed on up to three devices. So, it will cover office, home, and tablet/laptop. 
9 months ago
These days, small businesses can have a good plan for teleworking using Microsoft Teams (provided Office 365 is installed), and a good VPN client, I personally recommend Cisco.  Alternate LogMeIn is also a very good tool, providing remote desktop and file transfer apps.
Over 1 year ago
The never old IT adage ... backup, backup, backup.


Almost 4 years ago
Extended the life of Windows 2003 Servers running
Extended the life of Windows 2003 Servers running ERP, through backup and recovery using Unitrends



Over 1 year ago
Backup and Recovery Software

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