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At the UI level, Appium is open source and based on Selenium's web driver. For service API, it depends on the code base (native React, or other shared service code) the simplest solution would be to test the service using unit testing framework: fast, and simple, but it if…
Almost 4 years ago
It is important to be able to verify with the product owner that the correct thing is being built. The product owner should be able to execute the SUT against the specifications and have buy in early on what is being built. Other factors include continuous integration…

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20 years in IT. 7 years at JP Morgan awarded Expert Engineer. Created the strategic security pricing engine for pricing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that is used throughout the bank. Worked for American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Designed and helped implemented the Refund application that allows customers to get refunds if they had to pay out-of-pocket expenses as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

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