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Over 4 years ago
Contributed a review of VMware Tanzu Data Services: Fairly secured, quite robust, and stable but their support is lacking
Over 5 years ago
From my Experience so far i will go for RabbitMQ its rock solid and robust with a simple learning curve. Its free and has great documentation available

About me

Founder and CEO of a software company developing cutting edge financial technology solutions. We are specialized in providing software for the financial service industry,insurance and business solutions, with focus on innovation,creativity and knowledge creation.

I am a Software engineer and architect, focused on the development of distributed systems, platforms and Enterprise Integrations. Passionate about building world class solutions.

Knowledge in following areas; Application Architecture,EIP,Payment Systems , Switching Solutions,Platforms and APIs,Cloud computing , Messaging

Experience in ; High volume payment systems and mobile application development.
Expertise in ; Java (JEE,J2SE) , Typescript, JavaScript
Mobile : Android , USSD