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Over 3 years ago
The best advice I can offer is to clearly define the business objectives for the POC. Just trialing AFA without a specific goal is the mistake to avoid. For instance if you required workload (if known) is 50,000 IOPS and 1MS response time for 1000 concurrent users... it is…
Over 3 years ago
Both the Unity and NetApp all-flash arrays are very good all flash solutions and work well. I would not be able to recommend one over the other but would suggest the customer look a little deeper into what requirements they have for the storage such as cloud tiering, setup…
Almost 5 years ago
The most important aspect to look for is to make sure the application requirements are met. Same as traditional storage arrays. There are plenty of advanced functions available via snap, clone, recovery options. You need to make sure you understand exactly how the new…

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