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About 9 years ago
1) Yes, the domain name for your website will resolve to a CloudFlare IP, just like any other CDN. This is not the same as changing the IP of your server. Two very different things 2) I trust CloudFlare because I've met with, and had in depth technical discussions with…
About 9 years ago
Unfortunately this review is misleading and wrong in several instances You do NOT get a new IP address for your server. Your server stays the same, and fully under your control. CloudFlare is essentially a CDN, just like Akamai or LimeLight. You point the DNS for your…
Almost 10 years ago
It really depends on what size you're at and what your reasonable growth curve looks like Magento is a great platform, super flexible and customizable, and you get managed hosting or self-host pretty easily. However it tends to fall down when you have more then ~20,000…

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