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Over 4 years ago
This is for the mid-tier LINUX windows DB2 is less expensive more portable, ansi standard, multiple databases single instance more portable ORACLE bigger customer base lots of 3rd party support, training options, common to find trained staff, very mature 4gl PLSQL is…
About 5 years ago
I have been very impressed with the functionality BlueCore offers. They have a masking solution that can be used with relational and non relational data sources which is a critical requirement at Census. They also have the ability to preserve…
Over 5 years ago
Ease of use in finding and retrieving data. Having the data stored without providing the meta data for the user is of no value. it needs an interface with access to data that provides more than key word search.
Over 6 years ago
Depends what you want to do. Exadata is a hardware solution ORACLE offers to increase performance for high volume data processing, plays very well if you are an ORACLE shop. If you tech stack is IBM based, DB2, Websphere etc then I would certainly look at Netezza..…