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Over 5 years ago
Also, if you have been using JMeter, LoadRunner, or Gatling for load testing, those virtual user scripts are compatible with StormRunner!
Over 5 years ago
As far as StormRunner goes, it is a cloud based performance testing solution, that is priced based on consumption. So, You create virtual user scripts using HPE's free VuGen software and then you put these into StormRunner Load via your SaaS account with HPE. Once you…
Almost 6 years ago
1. Compatibility with a wide breadth of technologies 2. Powerful analytics 3. Ease of use, both in script creation and test execution 4. Scalability, move quickly between 1 and a million virtual users, provisioned on premise and in the cloud.

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Graduated in four years from Grove City College with a degree in Entrepreneurship, where I worked with some amazing people, and cultivated a passion for new ideas, sales, and marketing. Joined HP in a software pre-sales role in June 2015. Trained to work with the sales staff as consultant to the customer. We discover customer problems and develop presentations and product demonstrations targeted to meet their needs.

On November 1st HP split into HP Inc and HPE. I work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, consulting with customer on their enterprise software products as an Inside Solution Architect while I develop my career to enter a field pre-sales role.

I love my job. I am happy in the technology industry where I can be a nerd and play with cool new toys. I'm always looking to grow my network and skill-set, or just learn something new.

Please feel free to get in touch at broughersg1@gmail.com