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Over 5 years ago
Avi, How are you ? I am Elad and I am the COO at Correlsense. HQ in Boston and R&D site in Israel we have a very extensive partnership program that we have signed with companies that have the offering you describe here. Would be happy to talk : eladk@correlsense.com I…
Over 5 years ago
Hi, My name is Elad - I am the COO at Correlsense (Boston) - would be more than happy to discuss this topic with you. We have an advanced partner program that is part of our strategy. Would be happy to discuss more: eladk@correlsense.com I am looking forward to hearing…
Almost 6 years ago
Hi, Full disclosure I am the COO at Correlsense. 2 years ago I wrote a post just about that - "Why APM project fails" - I think it can guide you through the process of the most important aspects of APM tools. Take a look - feel free to leave a comment:…