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Over 5 years ago
I totally agree that it is difficult to estimate the reduction level. And i totally agree that with Mr. Martin Pouillaude that several factors can can influence the reduction level. What i would recommend is that either an IBM Business Partner or an IBM Engineer to run a…
Almost 7 years ago
Answered a question: Pure Storage or NetApp for VDI?
Ι would recommend Pure Storage. Currently from my perspective NetApp doesn't seem to have a consistent strategy for All Flash requirements. They promote two (2) different offerings. First one relying on the FAS 8000 Family of products (FAS 8020-FAS8080-EX) which relies on…
About 7 years ago
Hello Gerald. I do not think De-duplication in disks that are rotating media is a good choice unless you accept a compromise in performance. De-Duplication in SSD Disks is something different cause is is not easy to utilize SSD's at full performance they give as well as 3PAR…
Over 7 years ago
Primary requirement for me is the data reduction using data de-duplication algorithms. Second requirement is SSD's wear gauge. i need to be sure that SSD's installed in a Flash Array will work as many years as possible. So the vendor who has the best offering in those 2…

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