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We have been looking for a good solution too and still haven't decided yet. But you might benefit from our aproach - we didn't rule out closed source from the start. Security is too important to simply ignore that category. There are some good tools available but they comeā€¦

About me

After 10+ years of developing back-end financial services applications on the AS400 I've switched to Java (web)development, specializing in (Build)Tooling. Opening up a whole new and exciting world for me, exposing me to new tools and frameworks. So I have a lot to chew on for the comming years and I LOVE the taste of it!! :-)
Currently focussing on all technical aspects of Application Lifecycle Management through a Continuous Delivery workflow based on a DevOps culture in a (Government) Enterprise environment.

Work in progress (or on the agenda):
@Implementing a CD pipeline with XebiaLabs' DeployIT, Jenkins CI and JFrog's Artifactory (Pro)
@Investigating integration of automated Static Code Analysis for web application in build toolstack
@Upgrading our Continuous Inspection QA application Sonarqube
@Improving Identification & Access Management on our build toolstack
@Advising Management on future Application Server and platform choice
@Contributing to the companies Strategic Technology plan for the comming years
@Advising Management on Strategic HRM Management plan for the comming years