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VMware claim they are working very hard on improving the performance of the Web Client, However, although this seemed to be a problem, it still allows for LESS data to be sent from the vCenter DB down to the client for the simple matter that you have a large amount of the…
Over 7 years ago
I want to believe you are migrating your Oracle data. Can your confirm? and if you are, what migration tool are you utilizing? The wrong migration tool will results in bad block related events.
Over 7 years ago
One important comment to make regarding Citrix is that they have a wide portfolio of solutions such as Xenapp, XenDesktop, Netscaler, XenMobile etc; a Citrix Xenserver solution will obviously benefit a company harnessing a a series of the Citrix solution portfolio. The level…
Over 7 years ago
The missing piece of the puzzle I can determine from all the excellent submissions so far is that VMWare has a far superior integration framework and third part support. Data backup and data replication are two seamless no frills task that can be achieve using VMWare.

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