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Both of them are static analytic source tools but SonarQube focus on the quality of code, coding convention, and potential software logic bugs while Coverity focuses on security, it detects the code which may have a security risk and vulnerary for the attack. SonarQube is…



About me

I am Java Senior Programmer, AWS Consultant with following key characters:
• More than 15 years’ experience as software developer that includes software requirement analysis, design, development, implementation, deployment and support.
• Very good with Java and Java framework: J2EE, Spring and Struts, Big Data, Cloud computing.
• Expert in Cloud (AWS, Azure) and Devops technology.
• 9 years experience in Project Manager and Team Leader position.
• Have been working with the overseas customer since 2003 with Belgium, UK, US and Singapore client and both onsite and offshore location.
• Good communication skill, good spoken, confident and friendly with customer and project team. Have professional working attitude.