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Almost 2 years ago
I think that the question of if HCI supports SR is not what you should be asking because it really does not, but SR supports HCI. Let me explain. SR is a network function and HCI is a computer function. Therefore, HCI can use the function of SR to provide faster data…

About me

As The IT Director of Security at the NAACP, It is my job to be responsible for designing and enforcing policies and procedures that protect the Association’s network infrastructure from all forms of security breaches. The IT Director of Security is responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and working with the other departments (Systems and Networks) to resolve them, ensuring that the network and data remain secure.

• Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to secure the network and safeguard computer data against accidental or unauthorized alteration, destruction, disclosure, or a breach across a complex operating model;
• Facilitate and manage the development, modification, and operation of security protocols including intrusion detection and prevention to protect the Association’s information from breach or loss;
• Conduct periodic audits and due diligence checks of security protocols, evaluating systems for vulnerabilities;
• Recommend modifications to security protocols,
• Develop and provide training and guidance on acceptable use, risk management, incident response, and security protocols to employees;
• Brief senior leadership on the status of security systems and protocols.
• Review reports of and evaluates response to security incidents;
• Ensure that the Association’s operations comply with all government regulations and standards;
• Maintain knowledge of emerging security threats, technical challenges, and developments in system protection and IT security standards;
• Ensure all security changes to the systems are integrated within the Association;
• Consult with staff, managers, and leadership about security best practices and provide technical advice;
• Prepare and lead presentations on security performance and align with technical and strategic objectives;
• Oversee and maintain network users, environment, directories, and security;
• Design and communicate resources and toolkits to educate users on computers and network/data security
• Improve server and network efficiency by training users and promoting security awareness;
• Oversee protection systems by maintaining knowledge of the latest threats and ensuring software is updated and functional;
• Develop a network security system and solutions.
• Ensure that confidential information being transmitted is encrypted.
• Execute business continuity and disaster recovery strategies and solutions, and train employees on business continuity procedures;
• Manage risk assessments, business impact analyses, strategy selection, and documentation of continuity and disaster recovery procedures;
• Document policies, procedures, and tests related to security and emergency measures;
• Oversee security of data, net access, and backup systems;
• Manage, motivate, and develop staff within the IT Department to address the changing needs of the Association;
• Safeguard assets by developing, implementing, disaster recovery, backup procedures, information security, and control structures.

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