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Almost 6 years ago
Answered a question: SAP GUI Testing Tool
Have used HPE UFT and SAP TAO for testing SAP applications. SAP TAO is more oriented towards the use of SAP by the Technical Users, while you can structure your tests in HPE UFT to be more business oriented and UX-driven. The limitations for these tools are as have been…
Over 6 years ago
Answered a question: DB automation using Tosca
Could you please elaborate on Data Fetches? If you mean get the final result of an SQL Query and store it locally, then it is possible, but you need to understand the utility of that and what is the use of processing so much data locally, when you can process it and get a…
Over 6 years ago
TOSCA was not meant for resolving any scenario out of the box, hence the introduction of the extensible engines for it, which you have to write code for the Customizations that are done for the required application. That said, nowadays there are a lot of plug-ins which are…
Over 6 years ago
I think the main think that needs to be understood with these model based tools, is that during the initial setup period the Business involvement is a must to ensure that all the paths are explored and a proper workflow of tests is setup for use. Without that involvement, it…
Almost 7 years ago
The defect management not being in the tool is by choice. You can attach and link it to JIRA cards, which are related to "Test Cases" in TOSCA. This I believe is a better way to do it than to impose a different workflow and DTS on users.
Over 8 years ago
Another excellent tool with similar capability is the one from SmartBear, that is bundled with TestComplete. This ALM tool is cheaper to use and comes with the same technical features as QC and QTP. If someone has not tried using this, I would highly recommend it to you. The…
Over 8 years ago
Contributed a review of Tricentis Tosca: A very different experience
Over 8 years ago


Almost 6 years ago
Agile Transformation Project
Agile Transformation Project for a large Multi-National firm. Establishing processes for Agile Teams and working on creating a Continuous Integration platform across all the applications being developed by the organization, across their various worldwide centers (US, UK and…

About me

Information technology consultant with versatile experience in software development and testing, as a lead for automation, performance & security engineering projects. Have been involved in software testing with emphasis on white box testing, API, security and performance test automation. Supporting clients using my existing/acquired skill set to enhance the test experience, I also have good knowledge of the SDLC and software test process requirements.

Having mostly worked with product development companies for the past years, has provided a good grounding on processes using methodologies of Agile, Sequential (Waterfall, V-Model), Iterative and RAD testing, including the evaluation of test methodologies, process development, testing cutting-edge technology environments, design & implementation of large environments using a limited set of resources. Career spans various functional areas of Banking, Telecom, Utilities, Government, Security, and Advertising domains. Thus, possess a good understanding of technology, business and operational risk issues within large and diverse IT environments.

Have been involved in technically leading a team composed of various levels of engineers, in varied roles. Using commercial and open source tools - TOSCA, WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, SilkTest, AutoIt, PXE, Test Complete, Selenium.

• Created a test harness using PXE, Rational Robot and AutoIt to automate testing of security software on multiple platforms and configurations.
• Awarded “U Rock” award for excellence in Quality Assurance Practices at Yahoo!
• Software Configuration Management (SCM) setup created using CVS and bug tracking system developed using PHP and MySQL.
• Enhanced existing test automation system to work on new features added to the product line, along with cloud computing and Map-Reduce algorithms for the data.
• Successfully migrated test scripts from data driven tests to QTP hybrid keyword driven tests.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments