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Answered a question: Why KVM??? Help please!
Hi Specifically for Oracle Linux KVM and OLVM; Let's take a quick look to the advantages of Oracle Linux KVM; Complete server virtualization and management solution with zero license costs Single software distribution for Oracle Linux OS or Oracle Linux KVM Single vendor…
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Contributed a review of Oracle E-Business Suite: Highly scalable: Supports scale-out architecture
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Over 4 years ago
Read this blog post as well -> Oracle Linux / Linux for Oracle Database / Why?
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The product name should be "Exadata Cloud At Customer".. Please update it accordingly and delete this update.
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Hi, Did you see this Oracle Linux review ? -> Is the information given in that review enough for satisfying your curiosity? If not, please update.


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Oracle E-Business Suite


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Server Virtualization Software
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Operating Systems (OS) for Business
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Operating Systems (OS) for Business


About me

I studied computer engineering (in english) and MBA (in english) in Istanbul, Turkey.

While having 14 years of Oracle Experience; I 'm currently working as Database & Systems Management Senior Director in GTech (Platinum Partner of Oracle) .

I'm a blogger who writes about Oracle Technologies in ErmanArslan’s Oracle Blog since 2013. I also like to answer the questions of my followers and supporting them by giving answers to their issues through the ErmanArslan’s Oracle Forum.

I have done several EBS-Exadata migrations so far.

I was the lead consultant in the first Core Banking-Exadata Cloud at Customer migration project, that was done in Turkey.

I have done several EBS 12.2 projects from scratch, as well.

As part of the support work, I have managed more than 30 Critical Customer Production Environments (mostly EBS but also including Exadata , SSO , OID and Weblogic Application Servers)

I am also an Oracle certified Linux and Oracle certified Exadata expert.

I have the Apress Author bagde. -- Author of "Practical Oracle E-Business Suite". (Apress, 2016)

I'm an Oracle ACE (specialized in Database, Application Technology and Engineered Systems).

I have given several seminars and presentations in Oracle Events and in Universities.

I have the Trusted Expert badge in Experts Exhange.

I have experience in several Oracle projects implemented in several sectors such as Banking, Healthcare Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunication, Transportation, Oil and Gas ,Tv and etc..

Besides the administration experince, I develop applications using C, Java, Perl, Bash, Plsql languages, such as Limiter:development and deployment of a system tool that limits cpu cycles of processes. This program has been used for a long time for the EBS system to prevent Oracle Discoverer sessions to overload to CPU. Written in C.

Apart from the business life, I enjoy riding motorcyles and doing sports.

Also, I have a great interest in Computer Science and technology.