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@ctsanders I can assure you there are no hidden agendas here. In fact we just went back to re-evaluate Solarwinds Log & Event manager against other solutions to make sure it was the best solution for our new roadmap and we had several vendors including IBM and LogRythm…
Over 5 years ago
@kapilmalik1983 I am not sure what you mean when you ask if it's a network tool? It runs on the network and does gather logs from any systems that can reach it on the network and then stores them in it's centralized repository.
Almost 7 years ago
This is a fantastic review. I love that you have approached it from a very non-biased position, nice job!
Over 7 years ago
If you are looking at scaling LEM for a global deployment it's really going to depend on how many systems you plan to manage and even more important is how many events you are planning to process on any given LEM appliance. You can install LEM appliances at different…
Over 7 years ago
Unfortunately while evaluating SIEM solutions I was unable to evaluate the IBM solution. I tried to work with IBM for two weeks to get an evaluation of the product and finally gave up. I think Splunk is an incredibly diverse and flexible product; however, if you are…
Over 7 years ago
@ctsanders when we were in the evaluation process for a SIEM product I tried to evaluate IBM QRadar; however, after two weeks of working with IBM to try and get an evaluation copy of the software I finally gave up. Part of my evaluation of software is also an evaluation of…
Over 7 years ago
@raj10101 you are not kidding in that PCI is much more strict with regard to security requirements. We are just finishing up with our PCI certification as a service provider and the amount of work required was significant. Our auditors were also familiar with OSSEC…



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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)