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Hi - the best thing to do is open a chat at www.ibm.com/products/MQ or send a message to askmessaging@uk.ibm.com who will help you.  I don't think those prices are right - it is correct that IBM MQ is licensed by capacity and you can work out how many licenses you need for…
2 months ago
Hi - this is a really good page to understand more about the differences between message queuing technologies and Kafka: https://developer.ibm.com/arti...  In short, if you need conversational messaging (request/response) or targeted reliable delivery (exactly-once…


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Business Activity Monitoring
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Message Queue (MQ) Software

About me

I'm the product manager for IBM MQ. My main responsibilities include identifying trends in the market, presenting innovative and creative product solutions, managing new product development and launches, monitoring the performance of existing products and services, and raising the awareness of the value of IBM offerings. I've held this position previously in IBM App Connect Enterprise, IBM Integration Bus, IBM Integration SaaS offerings, and Industry Integration offerings.

Prior to this, I was a marketplace insight analyst, a role geared around gaining a deeper understanding of the business, applying IBM analytics technologies including SPSS and Cognos to revenue and customer data, and reaching out in the field to validate and help analyse the competitor landscape. This insight was used to help direct and sharpen tactical activities, such as sales plays, and cross-sell initiatives as well as long term strategic direction.

I joined IBM as a graduate in the CICS Transaction Server delivery development/test team as an engineer, testing the CICS Explorer to ensure the highest quality of functionality, accessibility, and robustness, as well as working on development items. Having previously worked as a CICS information developer, I have experience of XML-based publishing and structured technical writing. I have written extensively on performance aspects of CICS, system usability and accessibility, and technology adoption patterns.

I hold a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Information Systems from the University of the West of England, Bristol.