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Over 2 years ago
Different AppSec software tools do different things. Some do penetration testing, some do binary scanning, some scan for known vulnerabilities in open-source components, some do static analysis for common software weaknesses. It depends on what your needs are.
Over 3 years ago
Or if you want to do both quality and security in one SAST tool, Parasoft C/C++test and Jtest can do both.
Over 3 years ago
It depends on your role and what you're trying to accomplish. If you're trying to harden your own code then a tool that does SAST or static code analysis like SonarQube is a great idea. For example, Parasoft C/C++test is the only tool that has full support for every rule in…
Almost 4 years ago
It's gotta be stable - I love fast, but you can never, ever lose data.

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