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Almost 2 years ago
Unitrends has Cloud-to-Cloud backup and replication for Azure or AWS VM Workloads.  On top of this, you can add (if you want) white glove DRaaS premium or elite for critical workloads. Fully automated and tested by the vendor regularly to guarantee 1 hour RPO's & RTO's.
Over 2 years ago
Choose a single vendor all-in-one solution with a Single Management Console that can accommodate all your requirements both now and in the future as you grow.   Starting with basic backup and recovery with user self-service and immutability (now required by cyber insurers)…
Over 2 years ago
Generic terms are always open to interpretation. My belief is that Cyber (crime) Resilience means there is a clear strategy, toolset and management process in place to ensure businesses are protected from malicious attacks whereas Business Continuity is a much broader term…
Over 2 years ago
They have the same functionality except that Nakivo allows the backups to be immutable, thus, providing protection against malware (backups cannot be moved, deleted or changed) It has 1/3 of the price but sometimes there is a direct deal. 
Over 2 years ago
I would choose Untrends all day long as it provides fully automated DR testing so when you need to recover from an incident you select the most recent validated copy in minutes.  The appliances (Physical, or Virtual where you have the storage and compute already) index…
Almost 3 years ago
@reviewer1424022 How does Veeam protect against ransomware? I was under the impression (maybe incorrectly) that backups aren't Immutable as Blockly is used as an add-on to do this.