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Blue Prism Cloud & BotFarm

Updated JANUARY 2022

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Blue Prism Cloud review

Robotic Process and Test Automation Consultant at OFGEM
A stable architecture with good features that can deliver a quality product
Blue Prism is slightly difficult for the non-technical user. The centralized, client-server model that this solution uses does not work well and should be broken down into something that is web-based and locally controlled. Designing something in a client-server model is okay, but distributing those packages into a cloud model would be more...
BotFarm review

Solutions Architect at PureSoftware Ltd
Good customer support but some technical issues need to be addressed
We are not permitted to use web applications, so we find ourselves using Object Cloning and web control commands instead. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't work properly and we are not able to provide the dexterity needed. Also, on multiple occasions, the service bot deactivates without reason and Automation Anywhere will not function...

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