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MySQL & Oracle Java DB

Updated JANUARY 2022

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MySQL review

Arief Gunawan
Arief Gunawan
Product manager at Metrodata Electronics Tbk PT
Has a simple and user-friendly installation
In terms of what could be improved, some of the features that Oracle has, MySQL also has. Like if a customer is looking for a high availability solution, a security solution, a monetary solution, they can have all that in an expensive product like Oracle but they can also have it when they're using MySQL. Every product has their own pros...
Oracle Java DB review

Chetan Bannur
Chetan Bannur
Senior Executive at a computer software company with 11-50 employees
A relational database management system that's very clever and object-oriented
It'll be better if Oracle Java supports open source technologies, like Node.js. Many APIs can be developed in applications like Node.js, and it's a lot easier to use a programming language like Node.js because it's totally open-source and available. It also has a lot of APIs that I can download and access from anywhere. You can, of course,...

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