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SIEM as a Service

Mikael Takeo
Security Professional with 501-1,000 employees
6 month project

Project Description

The mission was to deliver a solution to the concept SIEM as a Service.

To deliver a SIEM system that can handle 8000 - 16000 EPS in a enterprise solution.
That can store data up to 30 days.
That can handle peeks up to 22000 EPS
That can receive and/or fetch logs from several different enterprise systems using SYSlog, ODBC and other.

Lessons Learned

We used vendors that was a perfect fit to this kind of solutions in a lot of ways, right price range, have the ability grow and was able to do the job that it was meant to do.
Both hardware and software were matched to do this.


  • Solna59.3618.0009