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First, how well does it fit my B2B requirements out of the box? B2B Middleware is not something you could just buy off the shelf. It requires significant technical knowledge, as well as a very specialized knowledge of your business processes and requirements to formalize…

About me

My key specialization is in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. I can confidently claim to be the top expert of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator in South Africa, and among the top in the world. During my career I have built up a robust Managed File Transfer and Transformation Framework using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, which can leverage the very best of Sterling B2B Integrator, while providing a flexible, configurable platform that requires no (or minimal) additional programming to provide for any Trading Partners unique and diverse Integration needs.

My experience includes application in various industries, including Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive and Logistics. I have the ability to adapt to new environments/industries very quickly and efficiently.

My abilities to communicate and conceptualize user/client wants and needs, and then to design accordingly makes me ideally suited for a position in the consultation, architecture, development, deployment, management and support of complex intra-business data integration systems.

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