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EAI Process Centric Integration for HR ESS/MSS/HRSS

PeerSpot user
Manager HRO Application Development at Xerox
130000 people affected
3 people managed
12 month project

Project Description

Deliver HR self service (ESS/MSS/HRSS) by integrating existing HR transactions (Personnel Administration, Payroll) in the two existing ERP systems (SAP and PeopleSoft)

Transactions were comming from legacy HR Portal, paper forms and workflow applications and had to be entered manually.

EAI allowed to act as the glue, applying needed business logic and control to input and to keep both ERP systems in sync.

Technology SAG WebMethods IS 8.x (and SAG webmethods SAP+PSFT adapters)
PeopleSoft CIs


Received recognition / award
Support from colleagues


Management had to be convinced
Steep learning curve
Hard to meet schedule

Products Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Webmethods 8.x
  • SAP RFCs
  • Peoplesoft Component Interfaces
  • EAI
  • Adapters
  • ESB
  • Message Broker
  • Publish Subscribe


  • ACS - Best EAI technical solution to pro


  • Barbera del Valles (ES)41.51592.12457